Strategies and Success

Methods and Solutions

Although our doors closed officially in 2013 after 12 years of success, there continues to be interest in the services and products that Video Film Web offered when it was open. So we’ve left the site up to provide businesses like yours with insight to different kinds of strategies and solutions for success.

Social Media Does Not Have to Own You

What have you tried market-wise? What has worked and what has failed? Contrary to popular belief, digital does not have to be the key ingredient in YOUR social media efforts.

More the Same than Different

You’ll note that we had several different kinds of clients we worked with including businesses, actors and nonprofit organizations. The surprising thing is that the more difference in types of marketing we served, we ultimately came to a belief. This belief is that regardless of what you are promoting, yourself or your business, marketing solutions are amazingly similar. To learn more about this please visit Home Business Achievers.

Proud to Be an Inspiration

Interns Succeed

Although is not currently open for business, it was a highly successful company that lasted from 2001 to 2013 and helped to launch media projects done my members who have in turn gone on to have solo success. We are talking about the evolution of videographers and other media professionals who started out as interns for VideoFilmWeb.

Relationship with School

VideoFilmWeb worked with an educational institution that after decades of helping students, was shut down. VideoFilmWeb was active with the school.


And although the learning center was still open during the period that VideoFilmWeb worked with it, VideoFilmWeb also developed their own school of sorts. This “school” consisted of VideoFilmWeb interns learning both in the media studio of VideoFilmWeb but also participating in media workshops in the New York Public Library. VideoFilmWeb was hired by the NYPL to collaborate with members of the library in the creation of a curriculum for participants.

For Solopreneur Home Businesses

Juggle your mission.

On Your Own

On of the forms of home businesses is that the of the solopreneur. As a solopreneur you do everything yourself. That’s no to say you may be delegating some work to others outside of your business, but otherwise you are on your own.

Having a Mission Can Help

Having to rely on yourself for business decisions is what makes having a mission so powerful. If you have a mission for your business  you will likely find it helpful to what you do because you can always go back to look at your mission.

What is Your Mission?

VideoFilmWeb is no longer an active production company but we occasionally update the blog posts because many search the site and we wanted to have new information coming in. But speaking of VFW, putting a mission in place we found useful. Our mission quite simply was “To help artists and businesses to be more successful.” What is YOUR mission?!

New Missions in Play

Thumbs up for developing a new mission and vision!

A New Awards Show

At Video Film Web we have new missions in play. Or to be more accurate, the people who founded and ran Video Film Web for 12 years are redefining the meaning of their awards show that occurred for for a decade. And now with the closing of the PIAs, these individuals are now breathing life into a new awards show that is an outgrowth of the PIAs which is called the “US Make a Difference.”

Waiting to Go Public with It

US Make a Difference is currently undergoing the development of a new mission and vision which the founders hope will be done soon and then can be presented to the public.

Working Through It

The US Make a Difference founders do not want to introduce this information until it has been thoroughly worked through.

Listen to Harry

Market Yourself

Maybe you are an unknown filmmaker. Maybe you want to “make it.” Well as many of you know, I am a big fan of Harry Houdini’s.  The guy who no handcuffs could hold and who was always plugged into marketing himself.

Favorite Quote

There is a lot to learn from him. Although there are indicators that he wasn’t always the nicest person, he knew what he wanted and went for it. One of my favorite inspirational quote by him is:

“My Brain is the key that sets me free.”

If you are an emerging filmmaker this could be could be a phrase you might want to take a look at on so many levels. The only thing to stand between you and opportunity is your mind. If you are thinking thoughts of “I will succeed,” you will succeed. If, on the other hand you are ruminating on “I am a nobody and have no chance,” you are much less likely to achieve your goals.

Stairs to the Center of Community

New York City Competition

Video Film Web in its active days as a business and even today, is an entity with a focus on community. We sometimes get asked how we were able to run the business for as long as we did being that there is an intense amount of competition in New York City.


The answer to that question is that we took the stairs to the center of community, meaning we kept it simple and knew our core competency. At the most essential, we were a company that helped performers succeed.

The Toughest Market

The term “performers” most often meant working actors with familiar faces, but could also mean people who performed well at organizations and businesses. Although most of customers were recognizable thespians, we also helped nonprofits and entrepreneurs. This focus made it possible to do well in the toughest market in the world: Manhattan. Taking the stairs to the center of community.

Mark Stamas Contributing His Media Knowledge

Learning About Media

During the period of 2001 to 2013, Mark Stamas (also known as Markos Aristotle Stamatakos) of Off Media shared his knowledge of web design and marketing with Video Film Web apprentices. During this period had anywhere from 5 to 9 or so interns working in the studio to learn more about the digital marketing arts.

Making and Promoting

Mark would visit the VFW in NYC from his base 3,000 away in sunny California. Interacting with Mark Stamas through tele video, the young people would ask him questions about making websites and then promoting them.

Mentoring Success

Many of the apprentices that Markos Aristotle Stamatakos trained have since gone on to jobs in the media industry. Thanks Mark to taking the time to teach others!

Remembering Video Film Web

Artists First

The original Video Film Web was the realization of a dream to bring media to artists to empower them to accomplish more in their careers. it was financed by having clients of some of the biggest companies in New York City. But all along the artists came first.

What “Video Film Web” Stood for

Video Film Web literally offered video services, the making of films and web marketing. It was a successful company and the result of the exploration of having a business that could transform how artists approached their careers. There were many success stories of those who were already successful getting more successful. And those who were breaking through to the other side of their creative careers.

A New Approach

Now that Video Film Web has been closed for 7 years, the same people who brought you that organization are asking themselves can they jump start a new approach in times that have many more challenges than back in 2001 when VFW was introduced. The reality is that this era of the Coronavirus is going to require a unique approach that takes into consideration the landscape of the workplace. Thankfully there is a plan which is being implemented as we speak. More on this to come. Yes, a lot can be uncovered for a fresh approach by remembering Video Film Web.

Media Alternatives

How it Started

“Video, Film, Web,” is a corporation that closed in 2013 because its founder was switching his interest from being a media provider to being a media EDUCATOR as per USA eLearning. He pursued the topic of online education and finished up his Bachelor’s in Digital Media Education and his Master’s in Arts Administration. So even though the company closed, this site remains. The reason is to bring you reports on the latest things in education and the video arts.

Video Editing

There are many options for video editing out there that are free. But one that we are most interested in at the moment is HitFilms Express. Web Design Magician is reputed to use this app. It follows the freemium model which means that the company producing it is clearly interested in selling their pro version, but the free one includes many perks including special effects.

Viral Videos

Although many doubt its usefulness Tik Tok is still a popular social media platform for sharing viral videos or those you wish to be viral. The idea behind the site is that the user has the opportunity to share her or his talents. Videos on this platform can often be very engaging. The content of videos can be short lip-sync comedy videos. You can get apps on the Google play store.

After Effects Alternatives

After Effects is from Adobe and is widely considered a good solution for composites and special effects. Though, not everyone can afford it, so we are including a few free alternatives to create the videos of your dreams. This can also be helpful if you are moving in an eLearning direction.


Blender is a free open source program that can be used for many purposes such as short films, commercials and more.


Openshot is very user-friendly and is a free and easy software to use. You can do all kinds of special effects with it. Web Design Magician likes this app also.

Creativity and Vision

We live in an exciting time and there are now many free tools for creative expression. Just remember for creating the most impactful videos it still requires creativity on your part and a vision.

How to Make Money as an Artist

Here are 10 steps you can take as an artist (of any art form) to make money while you’re working toward a greater degree of achievement with your chosen discipline. These steps are excerpted from a “How to Make Money as an Artist” PowerPoint presentation and PDF eBook currently in the works by Art Gush and Yianni Stamas. Watch your Newsletter for more information soon!

1. Teaching workshops can be a revenue stream. You can teach what you know about your art form to others. Depending on what kind of art you do you can specialize in teaching adults or kids or even both.

2. The way to get started doing workshops is to do outreach to schools as well as places where courses are taught. Send them an email that links to your portfolio of work, regardless of whether you are a musician, writer or filmmaker etc. It’s also a good idea to detail the kinds of workshops you do and how they are structured.

3. Be sure to send out at least two email that are spread out by at least a few weeks and on the second email give a reason for emailing, maybe something new of interest on your site that your potential future client will like to see.

4. Jumping off from live workshops in-person, there are of needless to say ways to teach online. For this you will need a website and a way to receive money online.

5. The actual doing of the workshops can be facilitated by working with your students via skype.

6. It’s also a good idea to lay out in advance how many sessions will be needed to learn the creative skill and offer a discount if your student purchases a package of several online courses.

7. In keeping with the education idea you can also use premade courses where the student purchases the classes which are made in advance often consisting of online videos, PDF files and so forth.

8. You would make the classes and upload them to your site.

9. When your student purchases the premade courses it is an automated process to pay for an receive your courses. It’s literally a way for an artist to make money in her or his sleep.

10. Making money with YouTube. If you are an outgoing kind of a person or even an introvert who isn’t shy of the camera, you can be a vlogger which means much like a blogger except using video. You will be documenting your live or your creative process.

Our thanks go out to Art Gush and Yianni Stamas for this wonderful excerpt to their new eBook.