Are You Okay with Giant Corporations Watching You?

Very recently, the site named “Thrillumentary” wrote an interesting post about how we are all a product of big business to be bought and sold. VideoFilmWeb does not participate in taking advantage of others by using their private information to make a buck.

And yet, VideoFilmWeb is clear about why this is happening. Every business needs a loyal audience to survive. But is there better way of building your very own theater of cheering spectators, also known as customers for your business?

VideoFilmWeb knows firsthand that there is. A way that people who like what you are doing and want to be your customer or client can feel confident that you are not misusing their information and know exactly what it is and how you are using it for the best of all.

VideoFilmWeb is well aware of why it is important to be transparent with your clients, because they did so in one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world which is Manhattan NYC. It is vital for small business owners to learn about how this transparency is done and how it leads to a higher level of customer loyalty.

Because let’s face it, loyal customers are the bedrock of a successful business. And it is the bread and butter of entrepreneurship. If you do not have an audience or customers, you have no way of there being fiscally in the positive, instead of losing money.

And no one audience is the same as another. This is because there are many kinds of people that are your audience. Though, due to how you are able to turn people’s pain into a solution, is what all these folks have in common as a need.

Their wants, desires and needs come in many diverse kinds. An audience may want one thing, but the company offers something different. Is that company going to have any chance at bringing in the Benjamins?

The answer is most likely not. And yet, if the exact same group that was not working out as spectators, for another company might be the perfect fit. But how do you figure out a “Method How” to get your very own fan club?

Solving Problems Through Technology

Solving Problems through Technology

We created and ran Video Film Web from 2001 to 2013 in the heart of New York City. One of our most successful means of acquiring new customers was through word of mouth. Also, as has been the case with other businesses we have founded, we got in on the ground floor with technologies that not everyone had and were in demand. These technologies were of great value to clients who needed them to solve problems regarding the marketing of their careers.

Embracing Change

One of the reasons we closed Video Film Web in 2013 was because of a disruption to our space that made it easy for our customers to fulfill their business needs with a mobile phone and some apps. To remain relevant, we had to shut down our multimedia studio and start with a new approach that was conducted online-only.

Anticipating Trends

The lesson learned from this experience was that if you have a business that is being disrupted, you have to either adapt or be left in the cold. We remained relevant because in a new incarnation we were able to conduct business fully online. We also recognized that media was on course to become fully DIY (Do It Yourself) based.

Media Alternatives

How it Started

“Video, Film, Web,” is a corporation that closed in 2013 because its founder was switching his interest from being a media provider to being a media EDUCATOR as per USA eLearning. He pursued the topic of online education and finished up his Bachelor’s in Digital Media Education and his Master’s in Arts Administration. So even though the company closed, this site remains. The reason is to bring you reports on the latest things in education and the video arts.

Video Editing

There are many options for video editing out there that are free. But one that we are most interested in at the moment is HitFilms Express. Web Design Magician is reputed to use this app. It follows the freemium model which means that the company producing it is clearly interested in selling their pro version, but the free one includes many perks including special effects.

Viral Videos

Although many doubt its usefulness Tik Tok is still a popular social media platform for sharing viral videos or those you wish to be viral. The idea behind the site is that the user has the opportunity to share her or his talents. Videos on this platform can often be very engaging. The content of videos can be short lip-sync comedy videos. You can get apps on the Google play store.

After Effects Alternatives

After Effects is from Adobe and is widely considered a good solution for composites and special effects. Though, not everyone can afford it, so we are including a few free alternatives to create the videos of your dreams. This can also be helpful if you are moving in an eLearning direction.


Blender is a free open source program that can be used for many purposes such as short films, commercials and more.


Openshot is very user-friendly and is a free and easy software to use. You can do all kinds of special effects with it. Web Design Magician likes this app also.

Creativity and Vision

We live in an exciting time and there are now many free tools for creative expression. Just remember for creating the most impactful videos it still requires creativity on your part and a vision.