VideoFilmWeb Forever!

Representing Their Work It is funny that after all these years, VideoFilmWeb is still in the memories of many. It touched the lives of actors who were promoting themselves to film and TV in the form of demo reels. At one point, after a certain top demo reel creator went out of business, VideoFilmWeb became… Continue reading VideoFilmWeb Forever!

Remembering Video Film Web

Artists First The original Video Film Web was the realization of a dream to bring media to artists to empower them to accomplish more in their careers. it was financed by having clients of some of the biggest companies in New York City. But all along the artists came first. What “Video Film Web” Stood… Continue reading Remembering Video Film Web

Community Through Media: DigiComArts to ArtisticPreneur

Video Film Web: a History of Change VideoFilmWeb has long been utilizing media to create community, or as they put it “Community Through Media.” In short there has to be a community for just about any creative process to have legs. In other words an audience, sometimes an interactive audience, is needed. For ArtisticPreneurs, having… Continue reading Community Through Media: DigiComArts to ArtisticPreneur