VideoFilmWeb Forever!

Representing Their Work

It is funny that after all these years, VideoFilmWeb is still in the memories of many. It touched the lives of actors who were promoting themselves to film and TV in the form of demo reels. At one point, after a certain top demo reel creator went out of business, VideoFilmWeb became the top choice of top actors wanting to get best TV/Film/In-Studio representation of their work.

Mobile Phones Took Over

Now the former members of VideoFilmWeb are scattered all over the East Coast and even California. Memories are what still connects them. Going strong with video just moments before high end digital in the form even of mobile phones, took over.


An example of a digital creator in this current day and edge is DIYdigi. They work hard for you to help you realize your digital outreach dreams. Some say they may be the next VideoFilmWeb for the digital age. We’ll have to wait and see.

Stairs to the Center of Community

New York City Competition

Video Film Web in its active days as a business and even today, is an entity with a focus on community. We sometimes get asked how we were able to run the business for as long as we did being that there is an intense amount of competition in New York City.


The answer to that question is that we took the stairs to the center of community, meaning we kept it simple and knew our core competency. At the most essential, we were a company that helped performers succeed.

The Toughest Market

The term “performers” most often meant working actors with familiar faces, but could also mean people who performed well at organizations and businesses. Although most of customers were recognizable thespians, we also helped nonprofits and entrepreneurs. This focus made it possible to do well in the toughest market in the world: Manhattan. Taking the stairs to the center of community.

Remembering Video Film Web

Artists First

The original Video Film Web was the realization of a dream to bring media to artists to empower them to accomplish more in their careers. it was financed by having clients of some of the biggest companies in New York City. But all along the artists came first.

What “Video Film Web” Stood for

Video Film Web literally offered video services, the making of films and web marketing. It was a successful company and the result of the exploration of having a business that could transform how artists approached their careers. There were many success stories of those who were already successful getting more successful. And those who were breaking through to the other side of their creative careers.

A New Approach

Now that Video Film Web has been closed for 7 years, the same people who brought you that organization are asking themselves can they jump start a new approach in times that have many more challenges than back in 2001 when VFW was introduced. The reality is that this era of the Coronavirus is going to require a unique approach that takes into consideration the landscape of the workplace. Thankfully there is a plan which is being implemented as we speak. More on this to come. Yes, a lot can be uncovered for a fresh approach by remembering Video Film Web.

Community Through Media: DigiComArts to ArtisticPreneur

ArtisticPreneur Globe

The Media Community goes beyond the Social World and is ever more quickly evolving into the ArtisticPreneur Movement. No need to become a starving artist. Become an ArtisticPreneur instead!

Video Film Web: a History of Change

VideoFilmWeb has long been utilizing media to create community, or as they put it “Community Through Media.” In short there has to be a community for just about any creative process to have legs. In other words an audience, sometimes an interactive audience, is needed. For ArtisticPreneurs, having an audience is vital to success, at least monetary success.

One of the reasons that the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs was first developed back in 2010, was to help ArtisticPreneurs find their customers, clients and fans. And although Platinum PIAs continues with this mission, has entered the arena as artist and small business advocates.

Video Film Web Clients

Video Film Web, despite not taking on any new clients since 2013, remains an influencer.

“Since 2013 and after 12 years of service to artists and small businesses as well as large nonprofits, Video Film Web has continued with their mission to use media to help the artistic community. In conjunction with Lights Camera Read, the nonprofit sponsored arts organization, we have been producing the Platinum PIAs each year (founded in 2010) as well as have been partnering with LCR to assist “Starving Artists” to become “ArtisticPreneurs.”

Technology Empowerment

Can technology by empowerment? Yes, it certainly can make the creative process of media projects to be easier, but how does one employ and harness technology to move forward as an entrepreneur? That’s a big part of what the ArtisticPreneur Movement is all about.

“Even though projects like Thrillumentary show us that now, with the digital revolution, making films can be much more simple, there still remains the need for making a living while doing it. This is where becoming an ArtisticPreneur could help. The definition of an ArtisticPreneur is just how the word sounds. It is a combination of being artistic and an entrepreneur at the same time.”

Getting the Word Out

Video Film Web has long realized that getting the word out is paramount. Therefore they jumped at the chance back in 2011 to work with the New York Public Library to create LightsCameraRead and DigiComArts (short for Digital Communication Arts) Workshops.

These workshops were for teens and young adults and had the goal of helping youth to find their bearings with DigiComArts Tools.

Helping Youth Get Their Bearings

This mission has continued with the ever expanding offerings of online education havens like Art Gush, which started in 2016 but recently have been completely reinventing themselves.

Art Gush, in its original version, was established in 2016 as a go-to educational membership site. But as of a few months ago this changed. The creators of Art Gush decided to explore a different path, so all the content was taken down. The new version of the site is to be part blog and part store. The store, when it is set up, will offer PDF downloadable eBooks on topics of interest to ArtisticPreneurs, including Digital Marketing.”