Proud to Be an Inspiration

Interns Succeed

Although is not currently open for business, it was a highly successful company that lasted from 2001 to 2013 and helped to launch media projects done my members who have in turn gone on to have solo success. We are talking about the evolution of videographers and other media professionals who started out as interns for VideoFilmWeb.

Relationship with School

VideoFilmWeb worked with an educational institution that after decades of helping students, was shut down. VideoFilmWeb was active with the school.


And although the learning center was still open during the period that VideoFilmWeb worked with it, VideoFilmWeb also developed their own school of sorts. This “school” consisted of VideoFilmWeb interns learning both in the media studio of VideoFilmWeb but also participating in media workshops in the New York Public Library. VideoFilmWeb was hired by the NYPL to collaborate with members of the library in the creation of a curriculum for participants.