Are You Okay with Giant Corporations Watching You?

Very recently, the site named “Thrillumentary” wrote an interesting post about how we are all a product of big business to be bought and sold. VideoFilmWeb does not participate in taking advantage of others by using their private information to make a buck.

And yet, VideoFilmWeb is clear about why this is happening. Every business needs a loyal audience to survive. But is there better way of building your very own theater of cheering spectators, also known as customers for your business?

VideoFilmWeb knows firsthand that there is. A way that people who like what you are doing and want to be your customer or client can feel confident that you are not misusing their information and know exactly what it is and how you are using it for the best of all.

VideoFilmWeb is well aware of why it is important to be transparent with your clients, because they did so in one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world which is Manhattan NYC. It is vital for small business owners to learn about how this transparency is done and how it leads to a higher level of customer loyalty.

Because let’s face it, loyal customers are the bedrock of a successful business. And it is the bread and butter of entrepreneurship. If you do not have an audience or customers, you have no way of there being fiscally in the positive, instead of losing money.

And no one audience is the same as another. This is because there are many kinds of people that are your audience. Though, due to how you are able to turn people’s pain into a solution, is what all these folks have in common as a need.

Their wants, desires and needs come in many diverse kinds. An audience may want one thing, but the company offers something different. Is that company going to have any chance at bringing in the Benjamins?

The answer is most likely not. And yet, if the exact same group that was not working out as spectators, for another company might be the perfect fit. But how do you figure out a “Method How” to get your very own fan club?

There is No Place Like Home When It Comes to Creating Workflows and Doing Video Marketing

The Further I Travel the Closer I Am to Where I Already Was

For those of you who know me, you know that I have been working for months on producing a workflow. You also know that it has been causing much exhaustion and duress. Yet I have continued to plow forward. And in a way, the sad thing is, that after all that time, I have produced a schedule of work and creativity, that is what I was doing anyway. Though, it does involve using video in a manner I had not really thought about before, but overall, it is quite like what I was already doing as a procedure to maximize output. sense I had done before.

Happy to Win or Happy to “Be?”

Had I known then, what I know now, I would have taken a quite different path but doing the same stuff. Also, since on my next birthday I officially become an “old person,” I do not have the drive, energy, and motivation I once had. The overused saying “Youth is wasted on the young” is true. Unless you are like some people, I know who “got it” from the very beginning of their career and followed through, are now mega successful. Are they happy? That is another topic, but I think that at least some of them are.

The Thing that a Really Old Person Sometimes has, and if They Have it, They Will Be Legit

Especially now as I join the ranks, I am very anti “agism” which is a real thing in many aspects of our society. The young thinking, they will never be old and the old thinking the will never be, well, as young official “Old Person” I am quite aware of what I need to clamor to do now, so that when I am an official “Old-Old Person” it will all make sense. I am not talking about relationships with family and friends, that topic is the most important one. I am speaking of something that many do not attain but is the classic reason to validate aging. I am of course speaking of video marketing. Just kidding of course, the goal is to have gained at least some degree of wisdom.

Video Marketing Strategies are a Part of the Workflow and the Educational Digital Product

An important thing I missed including was video and the connection it has to creating a workflow. Look, at this very moment I am engaged in the workflow. It involves much repurposing of content in surprising ways. Although it is not always a part of the workflow, video marketing is a particularly valuable tool. You know the stats, I am sure. It is the driving force behind many an online campaign. So really all I want to say on the topic is do not underestimate it. I have been deconstructing the process of making a video and then using it to promote something, and in doing the research for that was excited about finding ways of using video I had not thought about for a while but are still fresh. The educational digital product I am writing as a part of the “Workflow Experiment” I am living out in a work context, has a section dedicated to video marketing strategies. And all of it keeps bringing me back to where I already am.

Solving Problems Through Technology

Solving Problems through Technology

We created and ran Video Film Web from 2001 to 2013 in the heart of New York City. One of our most successful means of acquiring new customers was through word of mouth. Also, as has been the case with other businesses we have founded, we got in on the ground floor with technologies that not everyone had and were in demand. These technologies were of great value to clients who needed them to solve problems regarding the marketing of their careers.

Embracing Change

One of the reasons we closed Video Film Web in 2013 was because of a disruption to our space that made it easy for our customers to fulfill their business needs with a mobile phone and some apps. To remain relevant, we had to shut down our multimedia studio and start with a new approach that was conducted online-only.

Anticipating Trends

The lesson learned from this experience was that if you have a business that is being disrupted, you have to either adapt or be left in the cold. We remained relevant because in a new incarnation we were able to conduct business fully online. We also recognized that media was on course to become fully DIY (Do It Yourself) based.

“Video Film Web” Examines Strategies to Get Followers to Take Action Regarding Your Products and Services

Is Your Content Providing Value?

Having an idea of what your subject line in your email might look like can in turn give you ideas when writing the content of your newsletter. Also, we should mention that it is critical that your subject line as well as the content served should be of value to the subscriber. Your audience will cease to read and/or unsubscribe from your newsletter if is doesn’t solve their needs.

Find Out Why the Open Your Emails

To start you must understand exactly who your audience is. This will make it easier when buying ads to target your precise demographic. This includes the type of person you wish to reach, how old they are and what you believe to be the reason they open your emails.

Understand What You Want to Accomplish

What do you want from sending out your email and having your fans/clients read it. Some goals could include the desire to widen your reach, having your current readers recommend your newsletter to other readers and ultimately what do you want them to purchase from you? Are you offering a “Premium” version of your newsletter that is paid for? Do you have a specific product or service you desire to sell?

Take Action Yet be Patient

It is important to realize that sending out ads and fine tuning your email newsletter and social media messages, will not necessarily result in sales right away. Of course when crafting your social media ads the hope is to reach the kind of person who is ready to buy what you offer and immediately purchases from you. Sometimes it is a good idea to offer your solution as well as make as a call to action that your prospect sign up for your newsletter.

Yianni Stamas Speaks Fondly of Emmett Kelly Day


When working on Video Film Web, which was active between 2001 to 2013,  I learned a lot about running a corporation, experiences that served me well in every aspect of what I am now doing with sites like this one. I have always been keenly intrigued by those where were the first to do things. I think embracing the pursuit of “the new” is vital in business and a part of having a factor of differentiation.

Turning Smile to Frown

That’s why when as a kid I became aware through library visits of a clown who did things differently than others. I am speaking of course about Emmet Kelly and his sad clown creation. At first circuses were not interested in a sad clown because they felt that a happy goofball character was what the public was clamoring for.


Today, December 9th is Emmett Kelly Day, which is an homage to America’s fresh outlook at its best with Mr. Kelly and his invention. It is an example of going up against the force of what is currently considered the necessary norm toward a newer brighter vision which is not always accepted first. Thanks Emmet Kelly for the inspiration!

VideoFilmWeb Forever!

Representing Their Work

It is funny that after all these years, VideoFilmWeb is still in the memories of many. It touched the lives of actors who were promoting themselves to film and TV in the form of demo reels. At one point, after a certain top demo reel creator went out of business, VideoFilmWeb became the top choice of top actors wanting to get best TV/Film/In-Studio representation of their work.

Mobile Phones Took Over

Now the former members of VideoFilmWeb are scattered all over the East Coast and even California. Memories are what still connects them. Going strong with video just moments before high end digital in the form even of mobile phones, took over.


An example of a digital creator in this current day and edge is DIYdigi. They work hard for you to help you realize your digital outreach dreams. Some say they may be the next VideoFilmWeb for the digital age. We’ll have to wait and see.

Strategies and Success

Methods and Solutions

Although our doors closed officially in 2013 after 12 years of success, there continues to be interest in the services and products that Video Film Web offered when it was open. So we’ve left the site up to provide businesses like yours with insight to different kinds of strategies and solutions for success.

Social Media Does Not Have to Own You

What have you tried market-wise? What has worked and what has failed? Contrary to popular belief, digital does not have to be the key ingredient in YOUR social media efforts.

More the Same than Different

You’ll note that we had several different kinds of clients we worked with including businesses, actors and nonprofit organizations. The surprising thing is that the more difference in types of marketing we served, we ultimately came to a belief. This belief is that regardless of what you are promoting, yourself or your business, marketing solutions are amazingly similar. To learn more about this please visit Home Business Achievers.

Proud to Be an Inspiration

Interns Succeed

Although is not currently open for business, it was a highly successful company that lasted from 2001 to 2013 and helped to launch media projects done my members who have in turn gone on to have solo success. We are talking about the evolution of videographers and other media professionals who started out as interns for VideoFilmWeb.

Relationship with School

VideoFilmWeb worked with an educational institution that after decades of helping students, was shut down. VideoFilmWeb was active with the school.


And although the learning center was still open during the period that VideoFilmWeb worked with it, VideoFilmWeb also developed their own school of sorts. This “school” consisted of VideoFilmWeb interns learning both in the media studio of VideoFilmWeb but also participating in media workshops in the New York Public Library. VideoFilmWeb was hired by the NYPL to collaborate with members of the library in the creation of a curriculum for participants.

For Solopreneur Home Businesses

Juggle your mission.

On Your Own

On of the forms of home businesses is that the of the solopreneur. As a solopreneur you do everything yourself. That’s no to say you may be delegating some work to others outside of your business, but otherwise you are on your own.

Having a Mission Can Help

Having to rely on yourself for business decisions is what makes having a mission so powerful. If you have a mission for your business  you will likely find it helpful to what you do because you can always go back to look at your mission.

What is Your Mission?

VideoFilmWeb is no longer an active production company but we occasionally update the blog posts because many search the site and we wanted to have new information coming in. But speaking of VFW, putting a mission in place we found useful. Our mission quite simply was “To help artists and businesses to be more successful.” What is YOUR mission?!

New Missions in Play

Thumbs up for developing a new mission and vision!

A New Awards Show

At Video Film Web we have new missions in play. Or to be more accurate, the people who founded and ran Video Film Web for 12 years are redefining the meaning of their awards show that occurred for for a decade. And now with the closing of the PIAs, these individuals are now breathing life into a new awards show that is an outgrowth of the PIAs which is called the “US Make a Difference.”

Waiting to Go Public with It

US Make a Difference is currently undergoing the development of a new mission and vision which the founders hope will be done soon and then can be presented to the public.

Working Through It

The US Make a Difference founders do not want to introduce this information until it has been thoroughly worked through.