Community Marketing Strategies

Blog Coalition – The Network of Blogs Making a Difference

Video Film Web and the Volunteer Community Network

“Community” has long been, and continues to be, a big part of what we do. For those who do not known it, Video Film Web discontinued several years ago its purpose as a business. Our new role is one of helping out and being a part of the volunteer activities for the Blog Coalition and its 65 websites collaborators.

Bronx News NYC Adds to the METHOD HOW Community Marketing Effort

Bronx News NYC has gone through a lot of changes over the years in their work with the Blog Coalition. Since they themselves have a commitment to community, it just made sense that they would create an instructional post on the topic of Community Marketing.

DIY Digi and the Use of DIY (Do it Yourself) in the Digital World

At VFW we perceive what we call the “Consumer Revolution” in media which is that due to SaaS (Software as a Service), there are literally hundreds and hundreds of sites out there that make it easy for anyone to do digital tasks that previously could only be done by experts and individuals with experience. Mediums include audio, video and more.

DocuMystery Continually Redefines its Mission and Participation in Media

DocuMystery started its ongoing journey as a title of a genre, that that was not easily explained or understood. “DocuMystery” as a term began far before its June, 2018 WP debut. It was originally done html, and like other sites in the Blog Coalition, lost a lot of content. DocuMystery now is seen as True Crime, and is also being used to explain community event strategies.

The Blog Entitled Inwood Manhattan is where Some Digital Creators Live

Upper Manhattan in Inwood includes Inwood Hill Park where supposedly hundreds of years ago the entire island of Manhattan was purchased for some beads and trinkets. It is lesser known that Bessie Houdini, wife of Escape Artist and Magician Harry Houdini, lived as a widow in Inwood for the last ten years of her life. Inwood Manhattan’s communities of today inspired some of the Community Marketing ideas.

Manhattan Coronavirus was for 100 Days was One of the very few Community Blogs done During the Height of the Pandemic

It seems that the 100 days of documenting the height of the Pandemic is still available online. This publication is only updated now and then these days, but has some interesting blog entries.

The Original Founders of Manhattan Kids Guide Created it Because they Were Parents

As is the case with many of the current 65 websites of the volunteer Blog Coalition, they were started by New Yorkers who had special interests. But as time changes so do interests, and the remaining online publications are not updated as much as the Blog Coalition would like. But anyhow, Manhattans Kid Guide contributed ideas to the Community Marketing project.

NYC Housing Lottery Pretty Much Right from the Start Was Never Able to Determine what Their Blog was About

Shortly after its debut, it was decided that the blog would document the process of trying to get affordable housing for artists. But when it became clear that to get truly affordable housing, could only happen if you were pretty much broke. Some artists that demographic, but these days Starving Artists are often not starving. But meanwhile, NYC Housing Lottery contributed some nice concepts to the Community Marketing Project.

Over 50 USA Was Only Recently Created but has Floundered Many Times and has Not Been Able to Define Itself

Although Over 50 USA has tried many times to write blogs that reflect the domain name of the site, that has never quite worked. But they did have some good ideas for the Community Marketing endeavor.

USA Go Digital is Right on Time

USA Go Digital and Video Film Web are the Last Two Sites Participating in the Community Marketing Experiment. And they want to know who is interested in experiencing the ten step strategy that it the result of this process.