There is No Place Like Home When It Comes to Creating Workflows and Doing Video Marketing

The Further I Travel the Closer I Am to Where I Already Was

For those of you who know me, you know that I have been working for months on producing a workflow. You also know that it has been causing much exhaustion and duress. Yet I have continued to plow forward. And in a way, the sad thing is, that after all that time, I have produced a schedule of work and creativity, that is what I was doing anyway. Though, it does involve using video in a manner I had not really thought about before, but overall, it is quite like what I was already doing as a procedure to maximize output. sense I had done before.

Happy to Win or Happy to “Be?”

Had I known then, what I know now, I would have taken a quite different path but doing the same stuff. Also, since on my next birthday I officially become an “old person,” I do not have the drive, energy, and motivation I once had. The overused saying “Youth is wasted on the young” is true. Unless you are like some people, I know who “got it” from the very beginning of their career and followed through, are now mega successful. Are they happy? That is another topic, but I think that at least some of them are.

The Thing that a Really Old Person Sometimes has, and if They Have it, They Will Be Legit

Especially now as I join the ranks, I am very anti “agism” which is a real thing in many aspects of our society. The young thinking, they will never be old and the old thinking the will never be, well, as young official “Old Person” I am quite aware of what I need to clamor to do now, so that when I am an official “Old-Old Person” it will all make sense. I am not talking about relationships with family and friends, that topic is the most important one. I am speaking of something that many do not attain but is the classic reason to validate aging. I am of course speaking of video marketing. Just kidding of course, the goal is to have gained at least some degree of wisdom.

Video Marketing Strategies are a Part of the Workflow and the Educational Digital Product

An important thing I missed including was video and the connection it has to creating a workflow. Look, at this very moment I am engaged in the workflow. It involves much repurposing of content in surprising ways. Although it is not always a part of the workflow, video marketing is a particularly valuable tool. You know the stats, I am sure. It is the driving force behind many an online campaign. So really all I want to say on the topic is do not underestimate it. I have been deconstructing the process of making a video and then using it to promote something, and in doing the research for that was excited about finding ways of using video I had not thought about for a while but are still fresh. The educational digital product I am writing as a part of the “Workflow Experiment” I am living out in a work context, has a section dedicated to video marketing strategies. And all of it keeps bringing me back to where I already am.