Listen to Harry

Market Yourself

Maybe you are an unknown filmmaker. Maybe you want to “make it.” Well as many of you know, I am a big fan of Harry Houdini’s.  The guy who no handcuffs could hold and who was always plugged into marketing himself.

Favorite Quote

There is a lot to learn from him. Although there are indicators that he wasn’t always the nicest person, he knew what he wanted and went for it. One of my favorite inspirational quote by him is:

“My Brain is the key that sets me free.”

If you are an emerging filmmaker this could be could be a phrase you might want to take a look at on so many levels. The only thing to stand between you and opportunity is your mind. If you are thinking thoughts of “I will succeed,” you will succeed. If, on the other hand you are ruminating on “I am a nobody and have no chance,” you are much less likely to achieve your goals.

Succeeding as a Business Doing Art or an Artist Doing Business?!

Seeking a Strategy

The recent Art Gush article I found interesting because it looked at the question of “artist doing business or business doing art?” which I think is a good one because it gets artists thinking about themselves and asking what is their strategy for their business or career. Yianni Stamas, who has an extensive background in this area, is working with us on a new project.

The Deadline Looms

For example, we’ve been hard at work on a new campaign system with our friends at We have built some new websites and installed some fresh programs and hope to have our “Marketing Machine” completed by September.

Going to the Root of the Question

Answering some silly questions is what has stood in our way of our completing our new mechanism earlier. There are some questions we are indeed having trouble answering because they go to the root of the artist doing business or business doing art question.

Thinking of Yourself as an “Artist” Can Actually Stand in Your Way

First we have to come to terms that we are a business and a brand and as such need to take steps in regard to these facets as is normally done in such circumstances. We have found this to be not easy because thinking of ourselves as “Artists” has always stood in our way. The Art Gush article begins to look at this issue.

Don’t Hesitate

All we have left are 5 easy things to complete after successfully bringing to the finish line literally hundreds of components. Why then are these elements proving to be so hard to get done? The answer can be found in how we are looking at ourselves. Even after all these years of clarity we are still hesitating about the “Business doing Art” concept. Yianni Stamas has helped us come to terms with much of this.

There’s a Bigger Picture

But creating businesses that create art has long been our M.O., so it doesn’t really make sense we can’t hop over that wall. We do have to finish by September though and that is a mute point. It just has to be done or an even bigger project won’t get to move forward.

The Irony

So, that’s all the news that’s fit to print from a group that needs to start thinking of themselves more as “Artists doing Business!”

Facing Challenges

Facing Challenges
We all face challenges in our lives in one way or another. recently had a post on the topic.

When Things Get in the Way

This time around the post is going to be very brief because mainly why we are doing this installment is because we are putting a link to another website: Thrillumentary. Thrillumentary has an article on what to do when things get in the way.

Streamlining the Thrillumentary Filmmaking Approach is an interesting blog because it is being done by a Filmmaker of Thrillumentaries who is laser focused on making digital films with no crew and very few actors. At VideoFilmWeb even with our most simple projects, we had to have some kind of crew, but this person has figured out a way to get around needing one.

Facing Challenges

The post on the Thrillumentary site is a very personal one because it deals with a major issue that the fillmaker went through recently and found strength in ArtisticPreneurship.