Yianni Stamas Speaks Fondly of Emmett Kelly Day


When working on Video Film Web, which was active between 2001 to 2013,  I learned a lot about running a corporation, experiences that served me well in every aspect of what I am now doing with sites like this one. I have always been keenly intrigued by those where were the first to do things. I think embracing the pursuit of “the new” is vital in business and a part of having a factor of differentiation.

Turning Smile to Frown

That’s why when as a kid I became aware through library visits of a clown who did things differently than others. I am speaking of course about Emmet Kelly and his sad clown creation. At first circuses were not interested in a sad clown because they felt that a happy goofball character was what the public was clamoring for.


Today, December 9th is Emmett Kelly Day, which is an homage to America’s fresh outlook at its best with Mr. Kelly and his invention. It is an example of going up against the force of what is currently considered the necessary norm toward a newer brighter vision which is not always accepted first. Thanks Emmet Kelly for the inspiration!