Remembering Video Film Web

Artists First

The original Video Film Web was the realization of a dream to bring media to artists to empower them to accomplish more in their careers. it was financed by having clients of some of the biggest companies in New York City. But all along the artists came first.

What “Video Film Web” Stood for

Video Film Web literally offered video services, the making of films and web marketing. It was a successful company and the result of the exploration of having a business that could transform how artists approached their careers. There were many success stories of those who were already successful getting more successful. And those who were breaking through to the other side of their creative careers.

A New Approach

Now that Video Film Web has been closed for 7 years, the same people who brought you that organization are asking themselves can they jump start a new approach in times that have many more challenges than back in 2001 when VFW was introduced. The reality is that this era of the Coronavirus is going to require a unique approach that takes into consideration the landscape of the workplace. Thankfully there is a plan which is being implemented as we speak. More on this to come. Yes, a lot can be uncovered for a fresh approach by remembering Video Film Web.