Stairs to the Center of Community

New York City Competition

Video Film Web in its active days as a business and even today, is an entity with a focus on community. We sometimes get asked how we were able to run the business for as long as we did being that there is an intense amount of competition in New York City.


The answer to that question is that we took the stairs to the center of community, meaning we kept it simple and knew our core competency. At the most essential, we were a company that helped performers succeed.

The Toughest Market

The term “performers” most often meant working actors with familiar faces, but could also mean people who performed well at organizations and businesses. Although most of customers were recognizable thespians, we also helped nonprofits and entrepreneurs. This focus made it possible to do well in the toughest market in the world: Manhattan. Taking the stairs to the center of community.

Mark Stamas Contributing His Media Knowledge

Learning About Media

During the period of 2001 to 2013, Mark Stamas (also known as Markos Aristotle Stamatakos) of Off Media shared his knowledge of web design and marketing with Video Film Web apprentices. During this period had anywhere from 5 to 9 or so interns working in the studio to learn more about the digital marketing arts.

Making and Promoting

Mark would visit the VFW in NYC from his base 3,000 away in sunny California. Interacting with Mark Stamas through tele video, the young people would ask him questions about making websites and then promoting them.

Mentoring Success

Many of the apprentices that Markos Aristotle Stamatakos trained have since gone on to jobs in the media industry. Thanks Mark to taking the time to teach others!

Remembering Video Film Web

Artists First

The original Video Film Web was the realization of a dream to bring media to artists to empower them to accomplish more in their careers. it was financed by having clients of some of the biggest companies in New York City. But all along the artists came first.

What “Video Film Web” Stood for

Video Film Web literally offered video services, the making of films and web marketing. It was a successful company and the result of the exploration of having a business that could transform how artists approached their careers. There were many success stories of those who were already successful getting more successful. And those who were breaking through to the other side of their creative careers.

A New Approach

Now that Video Film Web has been closed for 7 years, the same people who brought you that organization are asking themselves can they jump start a new approach in times that have many more challenges than back in 2001 when VFW was introduced. The reality is that this era of the Coronavirus is going to require a unique approach that takes into consideration the landscape of the workplace. Thankfully there is a plan which is being implemented as we speak. More on this to come. Yes, a lot can be uncovered for a fresh approach by remembering Video Film Web.

Media Alternatives

How it Started

“Video, Film, Web,” is a corporation that closed in 2013 because its founder was switching his interest from being a media provider to being a media EDUCATOR as per USA eLearning. He pursued the topic of online education and finished up his Bachelor’s in Digital Media Education and his Master’s in Arts Administration. So even though the company closed, this site remains. The reason is to bring you reports on the latest things in education and the video arts.

Video Editing

There are many options for video editing out there that are free. But one that we are most interested in at the moment is HitFilms Express. Web Design Magician is reputed to use this app. It follows the freemium model which means that the company producing it is clearly interested in selling their pro version, but the free one includes many perks including special effects.

Viral Videos

Although many doubt its usefulness Tik Tok is still a popular social media platform for sharing viral videos or those you wish to be viral. The idea behind the site is that the user has the opportunity to share her or his talents. Videos on this platform can often be very engaging. The content of videos can be short lip-sync comedy videos. You can get apps on the Google play store.

After Effects Alternatives

After Effects is from Adobe and is widely considered a good solution for composites and special effects. Though, not everyone can afford it, so we are including a few free alternatives to create the videos of your dreams. This can also be helpful if you are moving in an eLearning direction.


Blender is a free open source program that can be used for many purposes such as short films, commercials and more.


Openshot is very user-friendly and is a free and easy software to use. You can do all kinds of special effects with it. Web Design Magician likes this app also.

Creativity and Vision

We live in an exciting time and there are now many free tools for creative expression. Just remember for creating the most impactful videos it still requires creativity on your part and a vision.

How to Make Money as an Artist

Here are 10 steps you can take as an artist (of any art form) to make money while you’re working toward a greater degree of achievement with your chosen discipline. These steps are excerpted from a “How to Make Money as an Artist” PowerPoint presentation and PDF eBook currently in the works by Art Gush and Yianni Stamas. Watch your Newsletter for more information soon!

1. Teaching workshops can be a revenue stream. You can teach what you know about your art form to others. Depending on what kind of art you do you can specialize in teaching adults or kids or even both.

2. The way to get started doing workshops is to do outreach to schools as well as places where courses are taught. Send them an email that links to your portfolio of work, regardless of whether you are a musician, writer or filmmaker etc. It’s also a good idea to detail the kinds of workshops you do and how they are structured.

3. Be sure to send out at least two email that are spread out by at least a few weeks and on the second email give a reason for emailing, maybe something new of interest on your site that your potential future client will like to see.

4. Jumping off from live workshops in-person, there are of needless to say ways to teach online. For this you will need a website and a way to receive money online.

5. The actual doing of the workshops can be facilitated by working with your students via skype.

6. It’s also a good idea to lay out in advance how many sessions will be needed to learn the creative skill and offer a discount if your student purchases a package of several online courses.

7. In keeping with the education idea you can also use premade courses where the student purchases the classes which are made in advance often consisting of online videos, PDF files and so forth.

8. You would make the classes and upload them to your site.

9. When your student purchases the premade courses it is an automated process to pay for an receive your courses. It’s literally a way for an artist to make money in her or his sleep.

10. Making money with YouTube. If you are an outgoing kind of a person or even an introvert who isn’t shy of the camera, you can be a vlogger which means much like a blogger except using video. You will be documenting your live or your creative process.

Our thanks go out to Art Gush and Yianni Stamas for this wonderful excerpt to their new eBook.

Succeeding as a Business Doing Art or an Artist Doing Business?!

Seeking a Strategy

The recent Art Gush article I found interesting because it looked at the question of “artist doing business or business doing art?” which I think is a good one because it gets artists thinking about themselves and asking what is their strategy for their business or career. Yianni Stamas, who has an extensive background in this area, is working with us on a new project.

The Deadline Looms

For example, we’ve been hard at work on a new campaign system with our friends at We have built some new websites and installed some fresh programs and hope to have our “Marketing Machine” completed by September.

Going to the Root of the Question

Answering some silly questions is what has stood in our way of our completing our new mechanism earlier. There are some questions we are indeed having trouble answering because they go to the root of the artist doing business or business doing art question.

Thinking of Yourself as an “Artist” Can Actually Stand in Your Way

First we have to come to terms that we are a business and a brand and as such need to take steps in regard to these facets as is normally done in such circumstances. We have found this to be not easy because thinking of ourselves as “Artists” has always stood in our way. The Art Gush article begins to look at this issue.

Don’t Hesitate

All we have left are 5 easy things to complete after successfully bringing to the finish line literally hundreds of components. Why then are these elements proving to be so hard to get done? The answer can be found in how we are looking at ourselves. Even after all these years of clarity we are still hesitating about the “Business doing Art” concept. Yianni Stamas has helped us come to terms with much of this.

There’s a Bigger Picture

But creating businesses that create art has long been our M.O., so it doesn’t really make sense we can’t hop over that wall. We do have to finish by September though and that is a mute point. It just has to be done or an even bigger project won’t get to move forward.

The Irony

So, that’s all the news that’s fit to print from a group that needs to start thinking of themselves more as “Artists doing Business!”

Facing Challenges

Facing Challenges
We all face challenges in our lives in one way or another. recently had a post on the topic.

When Things Get in the Way

This time around the post is going to be very brief because mainly why we are doing this installment is because we are putting a link to another website: Thrillumentary. Thrillumentary has an article on what to do when things get in the way.

Streamlining the Thrillumentary Filmmaking Approach is an interesting blog because it is being done by a Filmmaker of Thrillumentaries who is laser focused on making digital films with no crew and very few actors. At VideoFilmWeb even with our most simple projects, we had to have some kind of crew, but this person has figured out a way to get around needing one.

Facing Challenges

The post on the Thrillumentary site is a very personal one because it deals with a major issue that the fillmaker went through recently and found strength in ArtisticPreneurship.

Community Through Media: DigiComArts to ArtisticPreneur

ArtisticPreneur Globe
The Media Community goes beyond the Social World and is ever more quickly evolving into the ArtisticPreneur Movement. No need to become a starving artist. Become an ArtisticPreneur instead!

Video Film Web: a History of Change

VideoFilmWeb has long been utilizing media to create community, or as they put it “Community Through Media.” In short there has to be a community for just about any creative process to have legs. In other words an audience, sometimes an interactive audience, is needed. For ArtisticPreneurs, having an audience is vital to success, at least monetary success.

One of the reasons that the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs was first developed back in 2010, was to help ArtisticPreneurs find their customers, clients and fans. And although Platinum PIAs continues with this mission, has entered the arena as artist and small business advocates.

Video Film Web Clients

Video Film Web, despite not taking on any new clients since 2013, remains an influencer.

“Since 2013 and after 12 years of service to artists and small businesses as well as large nonprofits, Video Film Web has continued with their mission to use media to help the artistic community. In conjunction with Lights Camera Read, the nonprofit sponsored arts organization, we have been producing the Platinum PIAs each year (founded in 2010) as well as have been partnering with LCR to assist “Starving Artists” to become “ArtisticPreneurs.”

Technology Empowerment

Can technology by empowerment? Yes, it certainly can make the creative process of media projects to be easier, but how does one employ and harness technology to move forward as an entrepreneur? That’s a big part of what the ArtisticPreneur Movement is all about.

“Even though projects like Thrillumentary show us that now, with the digital revolution, making films can be much more simple, there still remains the need for making a living while doing it. This is where becoming an ArtisticPreneur could help. The definition of an ArtisticPreneur is just how the word sounds. It is a combination of being artistic and an entrepreneur at the same time.”

Getting the Word Out

Video Film Web has long realized that getting the word out is paramount. Therefore they jumped at the chance back in 2011 to work with the New York Public Library to create LightsCameraRead and DigiComArts (short for Digital Communication Arts) Workshops.

These workshops were for teens and young adults and had the goal of helping youth to find their bearings with DigiComArts Tools.

Helping Youth Get Their Bearings

This mission has continued with the ever expanding offerings of online education havens like Art Gush, which started in 2016 but recently have been completely reinventing themselves.

Art Gush, in its original version, was established in 2016 as a go-to educational membership site. But as of a few months ago this changed. The creators of Art Gush decided to explore a different path, so all the content was taken down. The new version of the site is to be part blog and part store. The store, when it is set up, will offer PDF downloadable eBooks on topics of interest to ArtisticPreneurs, including Digital Marketing.”

Can Handle the Pressure?

The fusion of education, art and monetization has landed squarely in the lap of They are gaining momentum and have even inspired the ArtisticPreneur Movement which is all about being an achiever both artistically as well as monetarily. The digital tools already exist for both, so it’s really a matter of getting them into the right hands!

Become an ArtisticPreneur Super Hero

Calling All ArtisticPreneur Super Heros
Are you an ArtisticPreneur Super Hero? What is an ArtisticPreneur Super Hero? It is a small business owner or artist of any kind, who uses his or her ArtisticPreneur powers to build their business using ArtisticPreneur digital marketing.

Calling All ArtisticPreneur Super Heros

Are you an ArtisticPreneur Super Hero? If so we’d love to hear from you since we’re always looking for guest bloggers. If you’d like to get in touch with us, feel free to input your information into our contact form found here. Be sure to provide details about why you’re contacting us.

In this post we’re going to look at a type of entrepreneur known as an ArtisticPreneur. Or even Super ArtisticPreneur. ArtisticPreneurs can start as either owners of a small business or an artist of any kind. In short, creative people who are just starting out or currently have a business are called ArtisticPreneurs. There are many resources online for ArtisticPreneurs including eBook download site Art Gush.

Art Gush for ArtisticPreneurs

Art Gush is an educational website that as of this writing is in transition from being an membership online education site featuring videos, to now becoming a place where at an extremely reasonable rate you’ll be able to instantly download ArtisticPreneur eBooks that show you various aspects of how to get more customers, clients and fans.

The big distinction between Art Gush and other eBook websites is that you can effortlessly read their eBooks in just 10 minutes or less. This is especially useful to the busy ArtisticPreneur who doesn’t want to spend too much time away from his or her business reading and doing research. Imagine being able to do an easy digital download to quickly get the knowledge you need. Because let’s face it, your time is valuable. And no one wants to waste over an an hour or so reading an eBook when they can get that same information if not better from an ArtisticPreneur eBook in just 10 minutes or less.

Another differentiation factor is that their information is University Approved. Here’s why. They create their eBooks by converting actual PowerPoint files that were used in recent New York City college and university presentations. This means that their eBooks are just 1-3 sentences per page plus use large fonts. And that’s not all, each one is 30 pages or less in total. Additionally the information is easy to implement too so you can quickly get on to the path to get more customers, clients and fans.

NYC Create and Their Perspective on AtisticPreneurs

NYC Create is a website that has information useful to ArtisticPreneurs. They have programs specifically designed for emerging artists offering them assistance at low or cost. Also, NYC Create in conjunction with Lights Camera Read, produces each year the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs that recognizes ArtisticPreneurs who are making a difference in their communities both in New York City and around the globe. The Platinum PIAs have been produced annually since 2010 and have been held in venues ranging from Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Screening room to DCTV, the Downtown Community Television Center. The vision of NYC Create is to empower artists to become ArtisticPreneurs and thereby participate in the process of building visibility for their creative work.

Houdini the Ultimate ArtisticPreneur

It might seem somewhat random to include one of the world’s greatest magicians and escape artists, Harry Houdini. The reason we are doing so is because we believe that Houdini is one of the top ArtisticPreneurs of all time. Think about it. He died in 1926 and most folks are still talking about him or at least have an awareness of who he is.

What makes Houdini an incredible ArtisticPreneur? It could be the fact that he not only paid close attention to his art of magic but he also realized that to be successful he needed to focus on the marketing aspects of his creative career as well.

One of the ways that Houdini would bolster his publicity would be to escape from a straight jacket while hanging upside down in the middle of the town square of whatever city he was currently performing in. These publicity stunts would draw a large crowd and newspaper coverage, providing an opportunity to let others know that they could come see the escape artist live and in person at a local theater.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship – There’s No Business that’s Not in Show Business

A recent Lights Camera Read article about the website Entertainment Entrepreneurship delved into the topic of attention spans. Let’s face it, we live in an era of very short attention spans known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Many of us spend an awful lot of time on our cell phones seeking instant gratification or some form of entertainment or affirmation. There are those who believe that we are addicted to our phones. Therefore if you build an Entertainment Entrepreneurship type blog, you’re going to want to be sure that it is mobile friendly as well as keeps your readers engaged. A suggestion is to surprise them by throwing in the occasional BigFoot Zombie or Loch Ness Monster (AKA fun surprises).

Are You an ArtisticPreneur Who Wants to be a Platinum PIAs Award Winner?

The formation of the online destination known as, as of this writing, was fairly recent. The word “ArtisticPreneur” has gone from just being a concept to being a website as well. And the ArtisticPreneur website could prove helpful to becoming a future Platinum PIAs nominee. If you or someone you know is an ArtisticPreneur or even Super ArtisticPreneur who is making a difference in his or her community (or maybe even the world) be sure to contact the show’s producers, Lights Camera Read. Of course there is no guarantee of this leading to a result, but remember that the P, I and A in PIA stand for Public Internet Artist. So if you or someone you know is on the web in one way or another and doing good for the community, you or that person could be nominated for a PIA. And then you’d really be an ArtisticPreneur Super Hero.

Video Film Web and Their Website Transformation Including Adding a Blog

Income Streams for Artists
Income Streams for Artists

Although Video Film Web (established in 2001) stopped taking on new clients in 2013, we are currently going through a website transformation starting on the date of this blog entry.

Since 2013 and after 12 years of service to artists and small businesses, Video Film Web has continued with their mission to use media to help the artistic community. In conjunction with Lights Camera Read, the nonprofit sponsored arts organization, we have been producing the Platinum PIAs each year (founded in 2010) as well as have been partnering with LCR to assist “Starving Artists” to become “ArtisticPreneurs.”

We started with our digital workshop series for artists for several years at various branches of the New York Public Library including Inwood, Morrisania, Grand Central and Columbus. These workshops were presented in conjunction with DigiComArts and focused on empowering ways to use media. Originally these workshops were done live and in person with former librarian Rodger Taylor.

The tradition of these workshops have continued since 2016 in a new way: online. The Art Gush online education website continues the mission of media empowerment for artists including musicians, writers and filmmakers etc.