How to Make Money as an Artist

Here are 10 steps you can take as an artist (of any art form) to make money while you’re working toward a greater degree of achievement with your chosen discipline. These steps are excerpted from a “How to Make Money as an Artist” PowerPoint presentation and PDF eBook currently in the works by Art Gush and Yianni Stamas. Watch your Newsletter for more information soon!

1. Teaching workshops can be a revenue stream. You can teach what you know about your art form to others. Depending on what kind of art you do you can specialize in teaching adults or kids or even both.

2. The way to get started doing workshops is to do outreach to schools as well as places where courses are taught. Send them an email that links to your portfolio of work, regardless of whether you are a musician, writer or filmmaker etc. It’s also a good idea to detail the kinds of workshops you do and how they are structured.

3. Be sure to send out at least two email that are spread out by at least a few weeks and on the second email give a reason for emailing, maybe something new of interest on your site that your potential future client will like to see.

4. Jumping off from live workshops in-person, there are of needless to say ways to teach online. For this you will need a website and a way to receive money online.

5. The actual doing of the workshops can be facilitated by working with your students via skype.

6. It’s also a good idea to lay out in advance how many sessions will be needed to learn the creative skill and offer a discount if your student purchases a package of several online courses.

7. In keeping with the education idea you can also use premade courses where the student purchases the classes which are made in advance often consisting of online videos, PDF files and so forth.

8. You would make the classes and upload them to your site.

9. When your student purchases the premade courses it is an automated process to pay for an receive your courses. It’s literally a way for an artist to make money in her or his sleep.

10. Making money with YouTube. If you are an outgoing kind of a person or even an introvert who isn’t shy of the camera, you can be a vlogger which means much like a blogger except using video. You will be documenting your live or your creative process.

Our thanks go out to Art Gush and Yianni Stamas for this wonderful excerpt to their new eBook.