For Solopreneur Home Businesses

Juggle your mission.

On Your Own

On of the forms of home businesses is that the of the solopreneur. As a solopreneur you do everything yourself. That’s no to say you may be delegating some work to others outside of your business, but otherwise you are on your own.

Having a Mission Can Help

Having to rely on yourself for business decisions is what makes having a mission so powerful. If you have a mission for your businessĀ  you will likely find it helpful to what you do because you can always go back to look at your mission.

What is Your Mission?

VideoFilmWeb is no longer an active production company but we occasionally update the blog posts because many search the site and we wanted to have new information coming in. But speaking of VFW, putting a mission in place we found useful. Our mission quite simply was “To help artists and businesses to be more successful.” What is YOUR mission?!