New Missions in Play

Thumbs up for developing a new mission and vision!

A New Awards Show

At Video Film Web we have new missions in play. Or to be more accurate, the people who founded and ran Video Film Web for 12 years are redefining the meaning of their awards show that occurred for for a decade. And now with the closing of the PIAs, these individuals are now breathing life into a new awards show that is an outgrowth of the PIAs which is called the “US Make a Difference.”

Waiting to Go Public with It

US Make a Difference is currently undergoing the development of a new mission and vision which the founders hope will be done soon and then can be presented to the public.

Working Through It

The US Make a Difference founders do not want to introduce this information until it has been thoroughly worked through.

Video Film Web and Their Website Transformation Including Adding a Blog

Income Streams for Artists
Income Streams for Artists

Although Video Film Web (established in 2001) stopped taking on new clients in 2013, we are currently going through a website transformation starting on the date of this blog entry.

Since 2013 and after 12 years of service to artists and small businesses, Video Film Web has continued with their mission to use media to help the artistic community. In conjunction with Lights Camera Read, the nonprofit sponsored arts organization, we have been producing the Platinum PIAs each year (founded in 2010) as well as have been partnering with LCR to assist “Starving Artists” to become “ArtisticPreneurs.”

We started with our digital workshop series for artists for several years at various branches of the New York Public Library including Inwood, Morrisania, Grand Central and Columbus. These workshops were presented in conjunction with DigiComArts and focused on empowering ways to use media. Originally these workshops were done live and in person with former librarian Rodger Taylor.

The tradition of these workshops have continued since 2016 in a new way: online. The Art Gush online education website continues the mission of media empowerment for artists including musicians, writers and filmmakers etc.