About Creative People in Business Who Create Community Through Media

How to Get New Customers by Answering 7 Important Questions:

  1. Are you creative and in business?
  2. Have you tried to do it yourself with all those so-called easy websites?
  3. Do you need a web designer and digital marketer to maximize results?
  4. Would you like a blogger to help you do your blog?
  5. Would you like to have access to a multiple blog alliance?
  6. Would you like your blog and website to be search engine optimized?
  7. Do you want to not only be successful in business but make a difference?
Create Community Through Media
Create Community Through Media

If you answered “yes” to all 7 questions this means you are a perfect fit for the Video Film Web solution in regards to “How to Get New Customers” which consists of 7 steps including (1) leveraging your creativity to better serve you in business in terms of defining your perfect customer, (2) delegating web design and site upkeep to a professional, (3) hiring a pro digital marketer to design for you a digital customer acquisition system, (4) enlisting the assistance of a professional blogger to transform the blogs on your site into useful and valuable information for your customers which in turn directs them to use your products and services, (5) publicity placement in popular blogs to direct traffic to your site as well as the ability to have a continual stream of new press to link to thereby building credibility with your prospects, (6) use keyword optimization to evolve the popularity of your website with search engines and finally (7) let the world know the difference you are making in your neighborhood and around the globe and maybe even be nominated for a Platinum PIA.

Since 2001 Video Film Web has been providing business solutions for creative people, ultimately creating community through media. And even though we officially closed our doors in 2013 and stopped taking on any new clients we now see the need more than ever for creative people in business to – as Marshall McLuhan put it – “…Move from the ivory tower to the control tower.” This not only benefits the creative people in business but society as well. So If you are interested in continuing this dialogue and wish to share with us about your business, feel free to email us at “info at video film web dot com.” And even if you don’t contact us, congratulations on being an ArtisticPreneur!

John Yianni Stamas founded Video Film Web which for 12 years was located in the heart of midtown Manhattan NYC. During this time Video Film Web became a leader in the marketing of artists and others creatives with artistic clients including actors, businesses, educators, experts, nonprofits, performers, students, talents and vendors. Then in 2013 the midtown studio doors closed and members of the team moved the mission to upper Manhattan, specifically Inwood Manhattan. Stamas began to work closely with the nonprofit sponsored organization Lights Camera Read, which since 2010 has produced the annual Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for Artists Who are Making a Difference in Their Neighborhoods and around the World. Stamas continued to work with creative people in business helping them to create community through media as well as be successful in their business.